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The Skeleton of Practice


If my paintings could verbalise my practice they would utter: 


A couple of gestures. 

Questions. Spectrum. Formality.

Fluidity and speed humps. 

Induced and fostered mark making, Physical. Air. Water. Light. Gravity. Voice. 

Repeated gestures as evidence

Ajanta murals and windows

Sarees and satellites

Surrealist’s hysteria

Fluke and fix

Synergy of Dancers on Stage. 

Contradiction and camouflage. 

Fragmented landscapes. 

Longhand script.

A rainbow with new colours. 

A square container of frenzy. 

4 tins of responsiveness 

Blurring timelines

Recapitulation of surroundings 

Non conclusive imagery

Picture and object? 

Undecipharible motifs

Heavily dependent colours imploding to be independent. 

Wind chimes or windmills? 

A play, a leela, an illusion. 

Atonal Ragas 

Syncopated madness 

Dissonant comedy and loss 

Sprouting into existence 

The role of sensitivity and sensibility 

Fragmented visions of ochre


Bearings of a garden 

Not one alike. Similar but not one alike

Cousins not brothers

Like Thump prints

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