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I play games in my head as I walk around London, my vision dripping with images, my mind dissecting ideas, collecting corners and discarded nooks of surfaces. Common or garden experience translates into painting.

The feud between directness and layering over time. The duel between free and considered. The visual spectrum, formality, questions, induced and fostered mark making, physicality. Air. Water. Light. Gravity. Voice. Gestures as evidence.

My paintings are made through processing everyday life, sights and sounds. The process is incidental. It begins with marks on the surface of the canvas, then I begin to extract forms I see in the colours, washes and spaces. I guide the paint but also the paint guides me.

As I paint, colours appear to emit light, and forms appear to become gliding ships or sinking kites. In some paintings there are wild gardens where rhythms collide, where nature is breaking down compositions, reordering and disrupting harmony. Atonal, syncopated, dissonant - this is how I see the world. Jarring languages, senses, sounds all meshed into paint. A cycle of lost and found.

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