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180 X 210cm

October 2022

Acrylic, Charcoal on Canvas

Is it muscle memory? Or the way your hand moves to create a brush mark, your handwriting? An obsession with fluid lines? What is an old way?


In this Painting I tried to break that old way. Restricting myself in colours and using minimal paint. I used pink, which I dislike as a colour to push myself. It challenged me to incorporate it with colours I’m drawn to. In my work, colours are codependent but essaying to be independent. I make them cohabit in a way it’s also contrasting and discordant while keeping their role. In my paintings, line and colour live together and sleep together, yet somehow are not as familiar with each other. They can somehow be neighbours or flatmates but this was a way to make them lovers. I painted the ultramarine structural form I like the conflictive nature of the synthetic blue with the earthy palette. The directness of this canvas, compared to the layered ones make it unbound like a drawing.

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