Mannat Gandotra is an Indian Artist pursuing a BFA at the Slade School of Fine Art. After completing her Foundation at CCW (Specialist Pathway in Art, Painting) University of the Arts, London.


Themes projecting in her works are dealing with whimsicality and lyricism between abstraction and figuration; distorting and deconstructing anatomical elements that she uses as motifs and expands further through experimentation in composition. Moreover, her work relates to the blissful void between the sculptural and the painterly; the dimensionality and materiality of the objects, she finds intriguing. Furthermore there is an unequivocal stance on abstraction, eliminating only the crucial and the imperative, contentiously like a surgeon adding precise focus to composition. The graceful surfing between caprice and instinct and the place between intention and intuition is a theme she aims to explore through the work. Aesthetic tranquillity, satirical conversation and organic compositional building are also themes her work explores. Ideas surfacing and transforming into pieces are Tanguy-esque somatic compositions that desire to take the viewer into a metaphysically charged landscape. The conflicting amorphous qualities she has discovered in painting clubbed with psychoanalytic and philosophical delicacies bring a different note; a new expedition to follow. The work aims to discover and play with the idea of space, to address the void, the abyss and the crevices unleashed due to the subject of the spatial. Moreover, she aims to expand the six limbs of painting provided in the Sanskrit Kala Sutra. Bringing forth the contemporary expansion of the ancient treatise interweaving with her cultural passions and heritage.   The work is developing further; playing with ideas and processes.  Psychic Automatism influences the approach to idea development, compositional structure, spatial quality and materiality. Bringing forward philosophical references, allusions and metaphorical dialogue is something her work is emancipated by.